Alpaca lunch

I fought the heat and head over to see the Macho Pikachu  Machu Picchu (マチュピチュ) exhibition at the Sendai City Museum. I'd seen everything in the main display before but there were a few photos worth taking, like this pair of Buddhas and some samurai armour.

Of the exhibition itself, the four chambers were photo-prohibited so I snapped a few outside the rooms. Pretty slim pickings, I'm afraid.

Here are some fuzzy pics of  リヤマ (llama), アルパカ (alpaca) & ビークニャ (vicuña) fuzzy wool that you could feel and fondle. FYI, the vicuña wool is the softest but this camelid itself is the ugliest.

For more information about llamas, I'd encourage you to watch this:

I snapped a photo of this display of alpaca at the gift shop before I was told it was verbotten. (Okay, I can understand why photography is prohibited in the display rooms, but at the gift shop? Gimme a break.)

Of course I couldn't leave without buying something, so I bought a postcard with a quintet of Peruvian mascots. There was also a Gatcha-Capsule machine so I dropped my 300¥and won a little ギャマン・ポマ( ミイラ) (Gyaman Poma Mummy) pin. I'm glad I got this one because stupid me neglected to see the mummy on display, the main attraction! Where the hell was it?

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