I popped into the former location of Yodobashi Camera, now a current location of a summer-long Oktoberfest and quaffed a few overly expensive pints with Alex. This would make a great place for a rave though the music played  today was more Shmenge than Kraftwerk.

Personally, I thought this band was better than the authentic German troupe that we normally get for the occasion. Great yodeler, an Alpine horn player, accordians & bells! Had there been less than the 99% male in attendance and a few more potential polka partners, I might still be there dancing up a storm.

The Oktoberfest August/ Septemberfest is only there until September 2nd so if you'd like a bit of German hospitality, head on down! They serve up some traditional Deutsche fare as well, try some Cabbage Rolls & Coffee, Mm Mm Good!

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Perogyo said...

If they had beer and electronics it would awesome!


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