Kanae Help You?

There's this family in Tokyo that took me under their wing over a dozen years ago and the daughter of that family has a birthday tomorrow. Therefore I decided to Google her and see what dirt I could dig up. She was a former neighbour of my brother's in Toronto and befriended my nieces. Once her family moved back to Japan, she never really fit in with the "normal" student body and ended up spending her High School years in the States and graduated from Boston's School of Visual Arts.

From the Man Made Monsters exhibit, here are two of her works. I'm guessing she's been clowning around with Chucky.

I'd seen her scribblings since she was in Junior High but I never knew how creepy she could get. She does me proud! I hope to see more of her work in the future! Happy Birthday, Kanae!

Speaking of birthdays, I'll shout out to buddy Axel who turns the big 30 today!

It appears that his Heavy Metal band will be joining the big leagues! Details when I hear more...

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