Marvelous Marvel Eggs.

Oh the fine folks at Furuta have come through again. This time their Choco-Eggs are stuffed with Super-heroes! 3 Spider-mans (two red, one black costumes), Hulk (Green and a Red variant), Ironman, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Storm, Wolverine, the Thing & the Silver Surfer (clear and another variant, undoubtedly silver in colour.) There is also a "Secret" one, I suspect it'll be Thor but who knows?

For a buck and a half, you get a yummy chocolate egg and a super super-hero. Quite the bargain. Good luck finding them though. Of the 4 Lawson's and one Supermarket I searched, only two carried them and I cleaned them out, 10 at each store. I have acquired them all except for "Black Spider-man" and the Silver Surfer variant. No secret yet either, but there's always tomorrow!

The last picture is of my doubles. If anyone gets a "Black Spidey", I'd be willing to trade! Once I get it, I'll do closeups of all the characters...

My speech contest students are going to love me, I get the toy, they get the choco!

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