Who Gives a S**T?

It's a low-content news day and the pipes have been stopped up lately, so I thought I'd tell you about a rather odd Japanese museum.

Courtesy of some Googling and a site that I stumbled upon, here are some highlights of the Himeji Poop Museum. Take a guess, which one is zebra poop and which one is elephant? It's a フン time for all! (fun time! フン=fun, the Japanese word for animal poop.)

These are a few years old but this piece of weird Asian news showcases a display of rabbit, gorilla & elephant poop. Kids like to refer to poop as うんち, it's ginchy! (うんち=unchi)
True story: a friend of mine from University who's surname is Manore told me that her father and a partner whose first name is Horace once collected the dung from the Toronto Zoo and sold it as "Zoo Poo". Their company's name? You guessed it...Horace Manore!

Babelhut goes the extra mile and explains the above more thoroughly. It also shows a few photos of animals pooping, books about poop and a book made out of elephant poop!

I would love to visit this museum someday (no I'm not a coprophile, just curious) but darned if I could find a link to the actual museum anywhere. My best suggestion is to check out Himeji yourself. I'm pretty sure that I went there for a job interview years ago for I remember visiting Himeji Castle once upon a time. I don't have any photos because that is also the Castle where I lost my camera!!

Just click on the "toilet time" label to see lots more of my blog entries on poop!

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