Fire Flowers or Fire Fight?

Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing some Izumi fireworks in the company of my Mio. She was far more impressed than I was though I managed to make some jocular remarks that amused her. We viewed them from the street overlooking a mini cornfield and although I didn't get too many good pics, a few came through. I jested that the ones lower in the sky looked as though they'd set the cornfield afire resulting in popcorn. She laughed. (She either likes me or she's easily amused.)

The rest of the photos appeared as though they were taken in a war zone or that an inter-dimensional warp had just opened up. (Who has Japan pissed off this week? N. Korea? S. Korea? China? Russia? Mars? The list goes on)

The beauty in the skies paled in comparison with the beauty of my companion! (Awww.)

We popped into Gusto for dessert. I had a parfait, she had a kakigori large enough to sink the Titanic!

After that we popped into Loop Cafe to hear DJ Mokugohan spin some tunes. Funky, groovy & cool enough to get Mio dancing on the couch!

Loop Cafe  holds its 10th anniversary on Friday at ADD. Come on down!

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