I Can Get It For You Wholesale!

Hey anyone want to buy a remake of Total Recall? It'll only cost you about 10x as much and rake in about 1/10th the box office!

The movie started off slowly, in fact, I nodded off at the beginning of the movie, so I think I missed the gal with the 3 boobies.

Once it got going, it was non-stop action. Nothing new, but a few good effects here and there. It was also a chore to try and guess the Toronto locations. I think I noticed King St. & Union Station but the other locales were less easy to espy. Furthermore, a buddy of mine Daunting Derek Powers plays a cop who gets thrown across a room. I may have seen him, just not so sure. There goes your 15 seconds of fame, DDP!

In one of several tributes to the original, this little lady makes a guest appearance. All in all, an okay movie, a little dull at times and I found myself mixing up the two leading ladies from time to time, although that may have been intentional. If you've never seen the original nor read the book, then it's worth checking out. But if you're not interested in looking for Toronto's hotspots nor a friend of DDP, you might want to give it a pass...

The nice thing about the cinema, is that they gave out these little fans  for the fans to help keep the heat at bay.

I really need to get a new scanner, I'm tired of flash reflection showing up on my pics! Speaking of which, here is another fan for fans of the Avengers! They also give out a little flyer with some bio-info of the players. I like the picture of Lou Ferrigno Eric Bana Edward Norton Mark Ruffalo the best.

The main reason I went out today was to catch a matinee of DKR again with fellow Mike. It was just as enjoyable the second time around but this time I knew where to duck out to take a quick pee! Here is a pretty funky tune about it. Beware: Very Catchy!

Batman Maybe, baby!

While at Nagamachi Mall, I noticed that there is a mini-shrine behind the parking lot. Not very well attended as the trough of green slimy water can attest.

In a mini-parkette next to it, there are a couple of cool sculptures by Shin Matsunaga. Funky!

Finally I landed a few flyers and took some pics of some posters for upcoming movies.

The Avengers merchandising has begun (Where the heck are my Batman goodies!!), with an overpriced retro t-shirt and a incredibly difficult to UFO-Catch clock.

Monster Hostel Hotel looks okay, Lincoln looks silly and Frankenweenie promises to be full of Burtony goodness!

This one is for BigBob, a new Evangelion is coming!


Mark D. Keene said...

"It's like NOTHING, you HAVEN'T seen before."

Michael Jones said...

Deja vu all over again.


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