Horrid August..

This has been a gruesome summer vacation for August is the month for ghosts and goblins and gremlins and ghouls and that's just the Gs. It's also been a month for Horror movies. My movie channels have been running 1-2 scary flicks per night and I've seen several so far. I'd already seen two Saws before (are there really five of those?) so I gave them a pass.

Quiz for you... Punctuate and capitalize the following conversation:
"did you see saw yeah I saw saw did you see saw two yeah I saw saw two too I didn't see saw 3D but I saw saw four what did you see saw four for if you didn't see saw three because I wanted to see saw five"

Also Juon/Grudge (Japanese and English versions) have been viewed by me fairly recently so I avoided them as well besides the Juon gave me a nightmare last time I saw it. In a similar vein, I recently saw Sadako 3D (latest of the Ringu movies) and it was good creepy fun.

Surprisingly, I'd never seen Dawn of the Dead though I've seen the Sarah Polley remake a few times. Quite fun. In a similar Dead vein, they showed the Tom Savini remake of  Night of the Living Dead. Considering the amount of Living Dead movies, those are odd choices for the Movie Network to single out.

Yesterday, I caught Contagion. Lots of creepy fun, all the more worrisome because unlike Outbreak, this one was more scientifically accurate. I was really impressed with this campaign run in Toronto a while back. Creepier fun!

The night before that, I chased 12 Monkeys around my living room. Brad was a tad over the top but it was nice to see it again. I never knew where they got the title from. It's a reference to Oz! (From the IMDB trivia page: "The Army of the Twelve Monkeys is inspired by a passage in Baum's novel, "The Magic of Oz", in which the Nome King and Kiki Aru convince twelve monkeys they will have an endless supply of food if they become human soldiers for them.")

The reason for today's post is that I just viewed Frozen. Nice little chiller! (Tee hee.)

If movies aren't your thing, you can always check out a really cool book recommended by one of my followers. You Don't Want to go to Bed.

I wonder what movie I'll get tomorrow night???

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