Oh Make Omake!

おまけ or Omake or those little hunks of shaped plastic that are attached to PET bottles of pop or cans of coffee are my Achilles heel. Rather than an arrow to the ankle though this particular weakness is the tendency to see a bottle in the conbini and if it has an attachment I simply must buy it! Stop me before I shop again...

What's worse, I don't necessarily want the particular item but if it's a choice between a drink with omake and one without, I choose the little plastic piece of crap. For example, here are some little doodads that will end up as Christmas stocking gifts.

I mean Fred Perry Bearbricks and some Japanese Space Comedy movie?
These have a little more use to them: mini-hankies, a business card holder, Smart phone pens, pouches & a stand.

Not useful but still very cool would be these James Bond vehicles or Lupin figures that came with cans of coffee. I don't particularly enjoy coffee but my addiction is such that I still have to get them.

Equally cool and also useful are these memo pads featuring several characters. I'm sure I have a full set of these figures but I can only find 3 of them. 
Why I got the AKB straps, the mini-clear file or the Moomin puzzle, Rirakuma bottle opener or Miffy clip is anyone's guess.

What's most frustrating is when I don't get a complete set of something even though I've bought several of them. Case in point, the Kikuman Wrestling Bearbricks, the Dragonquest characters, Mario Brothers straps, etc.

Just when I thought I could give up, out comes some Olympic badges and Pikachu mini-spinning tops!

I'll keep you posted once I complete the sets!

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