Die Hardly.

After a tiring day, I relaxed last night with a viewing of Die Hard Last Day. Not a bad Bruce Willis movie but not a very good Die Hard movie at all. I hope he doesn't have any more kids to team up with in future installments, that schtick is getting old. I would have enjoyed it more if he had teamed up with the Sinatra-singing cabbie from the beginning of the movie. Overall, at the time, it was mindless fun but a bit too self-referential and unemotional to be enjoyable.

I'm a sucker for an Arnie movie and his latest, The Last Stand stands out as a fairly typical shoot-em-up extravaganza that he'd become famous for. Since he's no longer Governor, he needs to do something to support his ex-wife. It won't be here until the end of April but I thought I'd buy a ticket anyway, just to get this:

It's a memo pad with a punch out of Arnie, standing out. Within though is a sneak preview of the movie!

Sorry for the amateurish quality but it's hard to flip a book with one hand while filming with the other.

Another advance ticket I purchased was for Flight.

Denzel was nominated as a drunken hero pilot, though he has some pretty tough competition in order to win it. The loot that I received along with the ticket is a "Flight" Eyemask (blindfold). If he wore this while piloting the plane, I can see why it crashed.

 Best part of the evening was buying a bucket of Doraemon popcorn with a mini-figure atop it.

Hmm, what will occur at the next movie I see?

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