Mickey Teas.

Asahi Tea has come out with another gimmick to get me to purchase their brew. In time for Valentine's Day, there are several different Mickey/Donald goodies to collect. I got the last of them yesterday and here we go!
There are four different figures, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy for you to attach to your key chain. Donald is, of course, my favourite.

Next up is a quartet of Pill boxes (not the type that hide machine guns, rather containers for pills.) I like the silver Mickey best.

Finally there are four different memo pads. The covers of these look great but the interior is not up to snuff.

These two are much better but not as easy to scribe your message upon.

Hey, how did those get flipped around? If you'd like to see these in their pristine state and not my poorly photographed version, check out the Asahi Homepage.

More Valentine's goodies to come...

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