We Don't Need No Stinking Badgers.

Every year (except the last few), I've written a little rodential tongue twister similar to "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" or "If a woodchuck could chuck all the wood he could chuck, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?"

For those too lazy to click the above, here's a reproduction of them.

"How much ground could a groundhog grind if a groundhog could grind ground?"

"How Much Mud Must a Marmot Muck if a Marmot Must Muck Mud?"

These two are personal favourites:

"How many meerkats can a mere cat mate if a mere cat could mate meerkats?"

"How many capes could a capybara bear, if a capybara could bear capes?"

I thought these up at work the other day and it looks like I'm running out of rodents so I'll have to switch to weasels and insectivores.

How many tins could a tanuki tend if a tanuki could tend tins?

How many malls could a moled mole maul if a moled mole could maul malls.

How many badges could a badger badger if a badger could badger badges?

So what's the prognosis? Early winter or no? Well, Wiarton Willie didn't see his shadow so it means Ontario should get an earlier Spring. Read that article and you can find out how others fared.

Check out the best groundhog cartoon ever. And if you want to see what the groundhog has been up to for the 24 hours prior to his prediction, check here.

As for Setsubun and tossing beans at Oni, I didn't wake up until One am., so I missed the apartment exorcism exercise this year. So alas, I'll be infected with demons for another year. Oh  well.

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