Mmmm. Pi!

I expected the title of this post to be "Argooooos!" and I was going to wax eloquently about Affleck's movie, Argo and Toronto's football team, Argonauts, winning the 100th Grey Cup last November.

But I'm going to give "Life of Pi" the honour of blogpost title. Congrats to Ang Lee who made all the other directors Angry (see what I did there?)

Though I didn't get to see the broadcast, I couldn't avoid reading the tweets and twitters and updates so there were no surprises for me. I will say that there was a Canadian connection in almost every win!

Without further ado, let me remind you of my predictions way back here and I'll tally my score. As per other years, I give myself 2 points for my desired movie, 1 point for the predicted Academy movie and 3 points for doubly nailing it.

(ASIDE: Japanese TV won't show the damn ceremony but it is devoting 3 hours to the Red Carpet Walk beforehand. Gawd, is it awful! Who are these goofballs?)

Okay, here we go! In reverse order from my post. Starting with Best Visual Effects, when I wrote the post, I hadn't seen Pi yet, so my choice may have differed. I chose Avengers, Academy chose Prometheus and I was wrong on both counts. The Avengers may not have won, but they did get to present it to the Life of Pi winners! Zero points!

Next up, Best Sound Mixing. I chose Skyfall, I assumed they'd choose Les Miz and I was correct! 1 Point!

Best Sound Editing: I chose Skyfall, I assumed they'd choose Django. In a surprising move, Skyfall tied with Zero Dark Thirty but I'll still scam 2 points for it.

Best Live Film Short: I had NO idea, so I chose Death of a Shadow, they'd choose Buzkashi Boys and something called Curfew won. Zero!

Best Animated Short: I put all my eggs in the basket for Maggie Simpson but that was before I found out that Seth would be host. No way, his Family Guy competition would win! Paperman won. Good for Disney, bad for Simpsons! Zero!

Best Production Design: I chose The Hobbit on behalf of myself and the Academy and was wrong for it went to Lincoln. Zero!

Best Original Song: I assumed it'd go to Les Miz though I chose Skyfall. It won! 2 points! Way to go Adele!

Best Original Score: I went Skyfall and they'd go Lincoln. Once again I'm not disappointed by Pi winning. but Zero!

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: (Since when was Hairstyling added to this category? Wrong again. I guess making Anne Hathaway look good while crying and singing trumps Hitchcock and Hobbits! Zero!

Best Foreign Film: You can't get much more foreign than a Canadian movie but War Witch was too French. But wait, Amour was in French as well and it won! Ah well, it scores me a Point. (No big surprise that it won considering that it was up for Best Pic as well.)

Best Film Editing: Points go to me for Argo though I thought that Zero Dark Thirty would win something. 2 Points!

Best Documentary Short: I landed another 2 Points for choosing Inocente over Open Heart. I'll take the points where I can.

Best Documentary Feature: Neither Plague Survivors nor Invisible Wars won this one. It went to Searching for Sugar Man. (Huh?) Zero!

Best Costume Design: I wanted the Japanese woman, Eiko Ishioka, to win for Mirror Mirror though I assumed it'd go to Les Miz. Wrong again...Anna Karenina. Zero! Sad to say that Ms. Ishioka passed away in Jan. 2012. At least she'd won a previous Oscar for Bram Stoker's Dracula!

Best Cinematography: I said Skyfall before I'd seen Pi and I wish I had chosen it for it took the big prize. I do get a Point for it though.

Best Original Screenplay: I assumed it'd go to Quentin for Django Unchained and I wasn't disappointed! Nailed it for 3 points!

Best Adapted Screenplay: I said Argo; they'd say Lincoln. I nailed it for 2 points! By the way, there are some storyboards by Jack Kirby that may have been used for the original movie. Whether or not they were used, they certainly are cool!

Best Animated Film: My love for Frankenweenie was left unrewarded but the Pixar Academy Award did go to Brave so I still get a Point.

Best Supporting Actress: My hope for a Musical to win came through for Anne Hathaway sobbed her way into an Award (She also wins for best Nips.) Too bad Aunt May/Gidget/Flying Nun/ Mrs. Lincoln, Sally Field didn't win. 2 Points.

Best Actress: On a fluke, I thought they'd choose Jennifer Lawrence and I was right. I chose Quvenzhané Wallis on a whim--nope. I get 1 Point though!

Best Supporting Actor: I enjoyed him as QT's Nazi, and he won in 2010 so I chose Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained. I thought that Alan Arkin might get a nod (he is getting on in years), but nope. Still 2 Points!

Best Actor: I would have liked to have seen Wolverine Hugh Jackman win it but I'm not surprised that Daniel Day Lewis was Linked in Lincoln. Gets me a Point.

Best Director: I assumed it'd go to Spielberg and I hadn't seen Life of Pi, otherwise I would have chosen it (I think I deserve 1/2 point). I went out on a limb with Beasts Of The Southern Wild - Benh Zeitlin. Couldn't be further off, but I would have scored big at Vegas.

Best Picture:  I'm not disappointed that Argo won (I still get a Point) but it would have been cool to see Django win. Worst part of Argo from what I can see is that it played fast and loose with the facts, glossing over the Canadian aspect and giving the credit to the CIA. Kudos to Jimmy Carter for coming clean!

My tally is 1+1+2+1+2+1+2+3+1+2+2+1+2+2+1=25/69 Not my worst score, but not very good either!

As the week rolls on, I may have more to say about the Oscars as I see a few more speeches and clips from the broadcast. I would like to see the Boobies song!

Yay: Ang Lee!

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