Five Forked Feast!

I went to a dinner/lecture with the TCJS (Tohoku Canada-Japan Society) and a charming wee lass named Aya Takada spoke about the art scene in Canada/Japan. She runs an art gallery in Shiogama called Birdo flugas and I'll check it out the next time I'm in the neighbourhood.

She highlighted a gallery in Vancouver dubbed The Artist-Run Gallery and the Georges Rousse Gallery who has ties with a Gallery in Miyagi.

You'll have to do your own clicking around for I didn't get any photos of the artwork.*

 As for the meal, WOW! The place setting had more utensils than I myself own. Five freaking forks!

When I was Santa at the Royal Park Hotel, I drooled over the meals served and now I had a chance to sample one myself!

First up was some fancy fillet with crab and  a maple syrup twist.

 Next on the menu was ravioli stuffed with Atlantic Crab! Yum.

A mid-meal dessert was some kind of Granity (?), a sort of Sherbet-shaved ice deal.

The appetizer was an Atlantic Salmon with the tiniest tomatoes and rose petals!

Then the main course was Canadian Beef and Pork with chickpeas, kidney beans and gravy!

 For the ultimate dessert, a mini-chocolate brownie with blueberries and this maple-syrup induced "hair!"

 Warning what follows is not very appetizing so beware! You have been warned!!

*I did though leaf through a book of Marcel Dzama's work and though that picture is pretty cool, these two pics caught my eye.

I warned you!


Picky in Sendai said...

What the hell is that??????
(referring to the last two photos)

Michael Jones said...

Those pictures were in one of the books on display. Rather out of place, I thought.


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