Juicy Fruits!

Last week at the Supermarket in the drinks section, I discovered that the Fruit/Veggie juices were on sale. Not only that but each one came with a different AKBish gal dressed in a different veggie! I got six out of the 10, missing Nasu (Eggplant Empress), Asuparagusu Gal (Asparagus-duh), Horenso Hussy (Spinach) and Miss Mugwort (Artemisia princeps or ヨモギ=Yomogi).

Who did I get? Tomato Temptress brandishing a chicken leg.
Tamanegi Tart (Onion) with one of those breaded wiener things.
Carrot Queen (Ninjin) with an ice cream cone.
赤ピーマン Aka-Piman Princess (Red Pepper) holding what appears to be a cup of takoyaki (octopus balls.)
Kabocha Kid (Pumpkin) wielding a submarine roll.
The last gal of my Legion of Super-Produce is my favourite, Carifurawa Queen (Cauliflower) holding a beer!

In addition to my heroines, if you buy two, you procure a clear file featuring Karaage Chicken, Shrimp Stir-fry or a Double Bacon Cheeseburger. My guess is that カゴメ株式会社 (Kagome Kabushiki Gaisha) Kagome's advertising campaign is something like: You can eat whatever you like and provided you drink our Veggie Juice, you'll never gain weight!

I'm not far off the mark by calling these gals Super-Heroes. The obverse of the clear file features them in full-on battlegear!

Check this out to see them in action!

Now that was pretty cool! This is just a little creepy...

But they do look delicious!

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