I've Been Punk'd!

Most of the time, I do my movie viewing at Movix but, for a change, I watched Ted and Pi at the Warners Mycal in Natori. I am a little disappointed in the lack of Warners characters for sale but some of the characters are strewn about. Not surprisingly, Taz adorns the popcorn boxes.
What does impress me though is the entrance to the Little Rabbit's Room. On the Mens Room door is Bugs and the Ladies Room is Babs. I didn't want to venture into the Ladies to snap a pic though I did take Bugs's.

Because I saw two movies, I left after the mall had closed. It took me 20 minutes of searching for my car before I asked for assistance and little did I know that I was on the opposite side of the mall and it took ages to get warm again. That wasn't the only vehicular mishap that day, just before I left work last Friday, I discovered that I had been punk'd. (A flat tire in Japan is known as a パンク = panku or puncture.) This huge hunk of metal was yanked out of my tire!

While otaku shopping, I came across this odd pairing but at 400 yen each, I didn't bother grabbing them. Apparently Hello Kitty and Tweety bonded at some point and this was the result.


More oddities later...

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