My Bride To Be.

When you think of all the Disneyfied Fairy Tales, Cinderella, Snow White and their ilk, you have these relatively normal young lasses (albeit with a shoe or dwarf fetish). Japanese tales often take a different spin.

Case in point this story of a new bride. I won't bother translating it for you (mainly because I can't do it justice) but I suspect that you'll catch on to the story. The title says it all,  へっこきよめさ or "The Farting Young Wife".
 As you can see, it's a really tiny book!

Pretty cute, eh? You can find several other pictures of our flatulent fiancee here.

This cute animation tells a different version of the above (or skip to the 3:24 mark for the toot.)

This is a brief snippet of the story...

This has been a Chinese New Year's present for you all.

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