Onigashima, Onegaishimasu!

A few years back, I enlightened the masses about the story of Momotaro, the boy who was birthed from a peach and went on to conquer the Onis on Onigashima (Ogre Island.)
I'm revisiting the tale because it is featured in the Grade 6 textbook. It is a TERRIBLE rendition of the story but the kiddies seem to enjoy it. I heard 8 different renditions of the legend recounted by groups of 4 or 5. Every quartet/quintet said pretty much the same thing, "We are strong. We are brave. Hey dog, monkey and bird, let's fight the Oni. We are good friends." I told you the story they had to build from is lame! What I really like though is their artwork...

Here is the traditional story for you (or click the link above):

This is the only one that varied from the original tale. They added an environmental bent to it.

Now this is just odd! Can you identify the language? I suspect Dutch.

Hey, this version has English subtitles to help you out:

Some may find this interesting, I don't.

I rather like the artwork on this one. Too bad it isn't better animated.

I kind of like the Oni depicted as Question Marks!

Another odd mashup.

Saving the best for last, I really like these Oni.

This video is one of Japan's first animated features from 1945. Enjoy!

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