Cinematic Shenanigans.

I love going to the movies here. It's been a while since I last paid full price for a movie, I usually pay about 10 bucks or 13 if I get an advance ticket that comes with some goodies (like a key-chain or clear file.) So for the price of two beers, I get a couple of hours of entertainment.

Another thing I like is at the concession stand. There are often popcorn deals wherein you get a special Doraemon (or other character) bucket or a drink special that lands you a funky character to place upon your drink.

 A further cool thing are the huge posters they have around the cinema, some are the length of three walls or are on the ceiling. It certainly adds to the ambiance.

One often sees signs that state that photography is strictly verboten and other times there are these Standees that you can interact with. It's hard to tell which is allowed and which isn't so I take all of my photos surreptitiously. If you're sneaky, you can move the Standees around to interact with each other.

But the mostest bestest funnest thing to do is to interact with these items yourself!

Sadako joins Alex and I on the set of Meatballs 2.

My what big eyes you have! Unfortunately I'll have to wait until this comes on TV, it's only a dubbed in Japanese version.

Chilling with the Prez and his Secret Serviceman. I saw White House Down today, yet this photo was taken over a month ago. I enjoyed it, my friend kept whispering to me questioningly, "Comedy?" It had a bigger budget, bigger stars, a better script and thus funnier and had much more realistic explosions. I think I still preferred "End of White House" better. (Olympus Has Fallen, that is.)

When I go to the movies by myself, I have to elicit the assistance of strangers to take my pics. They seem more than happy to do so.

Posing with the wife and kid and the Superduperman.

Wolverine performs a bris. Who knew he was also a rabbi? Btw, great movie. Probably enjoyed it more than Man of Steel.

This kid (Oshin) is really cute, but is SO tall!

Kiss me giant Matt Damon!

I'm going to see Elysium tomorrow. I wonder what hi-jinx I can get up to then...

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