Iron Fist

By that title, one would expect a movie about Daniel Rand*, but it actually is the translation of the Japanese title of アイアン・フィスト. The actual title is The Man with the Iron Fists and you can pick it up on BluRay since it was released almost a year ago. Way to get your movies speedily, Japan.

(*this guy)
I knew absolutely nothing about this movie going into it and since it's here for a limited time only, I picked up an advanced ticket. Glad I did for I got these cool stickers:

This is my favourite. (Click on it to Bautista-size it.)

Here is the mini-promo sheet for it.

The movie is very violent, very nasty, very fun and very dumb in a good way. Highly recommended to fans of the HK/Chinese Kung Fu Chop-socky Western genre. Russell Crowe is great, as is Lucy Liu - Meeeow! This RCA RZA guy is pretty good too!

Now where is my actual Iron Fist movie?

Unfortunately, I can't enter a cinema without buying some more Sadako stuff. This time I picked up another clear file and won a mini-iPhone cleaner doodad.

But best of all, I popped into the neighbouring UFO Catch spot and won a Sadako pop-up game! Woohoo!

This will be fun when Halloween rolls around!!

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