My Pseudo-Fake Birthday.

September 29th is Archangel's Day or St. Michael's Day. It is also the day upon which my birthday was celebrated back when I was a wee waif. Having a Christmas birthday means that one gets ripped off for presents and parties so when I was a young lad, we'd celebrate it today. It worked out fairly well until my sister came along on October 1st and pretty much crushed all hopes of me getting a celebration. To her credit though, she's the ONLY one who acknowledged my birthday today!

Therefore, I decided to have a little celebration of my own and you can watch it in the following video.

I've now finished my beer and had my way with Squishy's mom and now to give you a closeup on some of those items. First the guests:

As you can see, my tablecloth is a Star Trek Into Darkness beach towel with the adorable Benedict Bandersnatch Cumberbatch.

The cake and candles were courtesy of Fujiya Bakery and since it didn't turn out well on the video, here is the cake. I've also added the bucket of candies and a few shots of Peko-chan as well.

As much as I'd like to believe that Randall et al. bought the presents for me, I purchased them at Book-Off when the Imonikai that I intended on attending was inaccessible due to lack of parking.

I have another Evangelion binder but this one was stuffed full of all of the series booklets for 5 bucks. Quite the deal.

The Japanese Horror was only 250¥ and is one of a series of Ghost stories. If it's any good, I'll be sure to pick up the rest and feature them during October's Countdown.

The Spider-Man box set originally went for 9500¥ (about a C Note) and I got it for 950¥ today. Not a bad deal, I must say. The DVD of the movie, I'll give to a friend but I may just watch the Stan Lee documentary tonight. The other goodies includes a flip book of photos, a sheet of postcards, an original piece of art, a mini-copy of Amazing Fantasy 15, a pin and a piece of film from the movie itself! Quite the haul!!

Finally, since it's getting cooler, I picked up this sweatshirt. Sweet!

Not a bad Pseudo-fake birthday after all!

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