While flipping channels, caught the beginning of a baseball game between Nippon Ham and Lotte. Now that the Rakuten Eagles are the Pacific champs (YAY!!), I don't need to fervently  watch anymore regulation games so I was about to continue flipping when I espied ZOMBIES on the field. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped off a few pics of the undead attacking players and causing havoc.

Much to no one's surprise, this was a gimmick to promote Fox's premiere of Season 4 of The Walking Dead on  October 20th. Not as good as when Darth Vader or Sadako threw out the first pitch, but not bad.

Still, it makes for a wonderful lead-in to the Countdown to Halloween 2013 that starts on October 1st (a mere 2 1/2 hours away.)
ps. if anyone cares, the game between the Fighters and the Marines is deadlocked at a 0-0 tie after 10 innings. Wow, almost as exciting as a soccer game.

Another nice coincidence was my visit to Baskin Robbins better known as 31 ice in this country. Even the most fluent of students of all ages remain oblivious to the name BR and only know of the ice cream salon as サーティワン (thirty-one). It is useful for teaching ordinal numbers. Click that link to see their homepage and I have here a few pics of their fare.

You may be surprised to learn that I can count the amount of times I've partaken of BR on my index fingers yet today I broke down and had a cup of American cherry with a ghost on top for 4 bucks.

It didn't come with the hat (not yet in stock), tasted gooey and was rather unpalatable. I won't be eating any ghosts again. I may try one of the other concoctions but not until the campaign is in full swing and I can win either a marker or a cup. Good news is that I was also given a strip of stickers! Hey, that's worth 400¥.

See ya in a few hours for my first countdown post!

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