Happy And Sadako.

A few days ago I had the pleasure of watching 貞子3D2 (Sadako 3D2) in 4D. "What is 4D?" you might ask. Well, this should explain it.

Still confused? There's an app you can download that, upon entry to the movie, enters you into the movie. During the broadcast, your iPhone periodically rings and you can hear the conversation of the other party and occasionally Sadako herself calls you. Death scenes cause your phone to vibrate and newscast show up with a list of the dead. At one point, my entire phonebook and photolog was accessed and names and photos of people I know scrolled down as a precursor to my imminent demise.

The little girl was very spooky (though not as freaky as the normal kids at her kindergarten, they are really upsetting.) That being said, I would be proud to have her as a member of my family.

It was a lot of fun, not entirely scary but downright eerie and creepy. Highly recommended for fans of horror and Ringu. A word of advice, have your phone fully charged beforehand for it drains your battery by about 30%.

Of course I nabbed some goodies, including some Sadako Toilet Paper. It appears as though there is a message on the paper though I haven't checked it out personally yet.

In a stroke of genius, dear Sadako has been meshed with Kitty-chan. Of course, I had to grab some items. I bought a pen and a clear file.

There's also a random draw and the first time I went all I got was a cute doll and an air freshener.

I have since returned and acquired a few more air fresheners and the #1 prize...a hand!

I'm sure these will be making an appearance around Halloween.

That doll was given to my friend Yvonne upon her birthday last night. We managed to successfully surprise her when she arrived with a little help from a table of two dozen college kids who joined in on the cheer.

We all had a lot of fun and I suspect that no one else had given her that particular present.

She tried her best to put on a scary face but she's just so darned cute, she can't pull it off.

This on the other hand IS scary!

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