Lofty Ambitions.

When it comes to Halloween, one of the more festive Department Stores has been Loft. I have gone there over the years as my go-to spot for decorations, treats or costumes. Right now, they have a terrific video blaring in the halls and their annual Campaign is in full swing.

That is SO catchy. I love it!

Imagine my disappointment when I went to the 4th floor and encountered...nada. There is a single small aisle for candies and paraphernalia and a rack of costumes. I hope they add more before the big day but I suspect that they won't.

I plan to join the Countdown to Halloween once again (you can too if you have a blog and click that link) and as usual I have Lofty ambitions to bring the coolest videos and Halloweeny goods with a Japanese tinge. (And pretty much guaranteed, I'll end up doing it all at the last minute.)

Once I can figure out how, I'll be adding this badge to my page...


Perogyo said...

I love how into Halloween you are! It's such a fun holiday!

Michael Jones said...

I have a Christmas birthday so since I was young I compensated with Halloween as my special day of the year.


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