I'm a Cross Guy.

Or I'm a Macross Guy. While digging through my boxes looking for stuff to showcase for the Countdown to Halloween 2013, I came across this binder for マクロス Macross that I intended on showing off ages ago. I know one guy in Toronto who would like to get his paws on this and I'd consider mailing it to him for his birthday next week if the postage weren't so dear.

Anyway, here are some highlights of the binder and accompanying magazine.

Amongst other details about characters, machines etc., there are some nice two-page spreads.

Of course, there are the obligatory shots of cute heroines.

Hey cool, here's a complete movie for you! Be sure to find the Close Captioning option to enjoy it in English.

Speaking of cuties, I also found a K-ON Blanket that I either won in a draw or UFO caught ages ago. My go-to guy for all things けいおん has told me that he has never seen it in the Otaku shops so perhaps it's actually worth something.

If anyone in North America would like this, let me know! (It'll go to the top bidder.)

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