Take a Pixar.

I discovered yesterday that those fine folks at Furuta have come out with more Choco Eggs only this time they are all Pixar. Much to my surprise, this is series 3 of them though this one looks like a good haul!

I bought 19. Unlike my friend who got doubles in his first 4 eggs, I opened 8 before I got my first double. All in all, I got 10/11 including the rare Secret egg! (Spoiler alert: If you don't want to find out what the Secret is, stop scrolling down when you get to the Boxes.) If it weren't for the 4 extra Nemos, I'd be ecstatic.

Here's my booty.

From Monsters University, I got Sully with his famous pointing pose and a nerdy Mike. I also got Art and Squishy.

From the Toy Story 3 contingent, I landed Woody and the Alien in Hawaiian gear. I also got Dory, a character I don't even recall from the movie.

REVISION: One of my roving reporters has pointed out to me that there are 3 different Aliens. I have 2/3 but he managed to get them all. Slight variation in the mouths, but variants indeed!

Merida from Brave, Mr. Incredible and Nemo round out the rest of the gang.

The only one I didn't get is the character from Cars 3 Planes, Lightning McQueen Hawk.(At least I think it's from Planes, Cars is the only Pixar I have never seen.)

So check out your local Conbini or Supermarket for this box. At only a buck and a half, it's a pretty good deal. If you look at the back of the box, there's some kind of a campaign going that you can win a 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle! Not sure how to enter but it's probably to cut out the little green square and mail it with a postcard.

As an aside, did you know that American Customs officials seize thousands of Kinder Eggs annually in their never-ending quest to let the terrorists win. Over 25000 Kinder Eggs were confiscated in 2010 in order to keep these yummy treats out of the hands of kiddies for fear that they might swallow the egg (or the little bits inside it.) So if you buy a bunch of Furuta Eggs to give to your new family on a homestay, chances are they'll be taken from you as well. Go to Canada, you're safe there!

Spoiler alert:

Here's the Secret one! Pretty sweet!

The ladies at work will be happy when I present them with Choco Eggs, minus the character of course.

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