Pretty Jazzy!

I popped into a Book-off and grabbed a few goodies for the Countdown to Halloween, 2013, and came across this Jazz Collection for a buck. As with all of these collections, it originally sold at 290¥ with future volumes going for 980¥. What surprises me is that this is from 1995 and the price for these collections has not gone up in price since then.

It has a great CD that includes hits by Charlie Parker, Louis Jordan and James Brown.

As usual with these collections, there are several pictures highlighting some of the key moments in history as well as a timeline. I may put some of these on my wall.

 There were 3 more of these collections at the bookstore at 5 bucks a piece. I may go back and pick them up.

Somehow I managed to misplace my entire collection of Holly Cole CDs except for the one that I bought recently. Looks like I may need to replace them, starting with her first:

I'm rather late with this by about 2 weeks, but here are the highlights of the Jozenji Jazz Fest. It's late and I've forgotten much of what went down so I'll post the pics mostly narrative-free.

That was pretty much it for the Saturday. A lot of fun, nothing too memorable. I did meet a lot of friends and when I remembered to, I gave them some Halloweenie Pumpkin seeds or a Witchie-pez.

The Sunday was drizzling all day, no out & out rain, just drizzle. I still managed to enjoy myself and the sun came up just as I was heading home 5 hours later!

It stopped raining long enough to enjoy some Belly Dancing. FK's girlfriend was one of the dancers, so I landed a spot front and centre. A couple of the gals took a shining to me and I helped with the tambourine.

The rest of the day was spent watching mostly blues. One of the stages had declared an umbrella free zone and those in raincoats could grab the seats. I wish this policy had been adopted at other venues.

Unfortunately I gave up my seat and wandered around not knowing that the next group would be so popular. It was Kiss-like yet even more outrageous. Fortunately, I managed to get a nice snap of the pussycat!


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