I suppose Sealed with a Kiss makes more sense than Stickered with a Kiss so that could be why シール (Seal) is used instead of ステッカー (Sticker) here in Japan. It's also easier to spell in katakana. This prompted a friend to inquire on the origin, assuming that it was used the same way that sealed wax is used on a scroll or envelope. I asked a veep at my school if sealed wax had ever been used on documents and he believed that was not the case. A はんこ (hanko) has always been used on formal documents and if the "seal" has been tampered with, it could be punishable by death. As for what westerners consider to be seals, he thinks they were first introduced around the time the Edo period changed to the Meiji period around 1868. 

(If anyone can correct me on any of the factoids above, please enlighten me.)

I sincerely doubt that they had these seals back then...

This week I lost the first of three of my schools. Come October, I'll be switching to three other schools in Rifu and I don't really want to go. I don't want to break in another set of teachers, let alone another couple hundred kids. So at my first school I played game with Sadako's help. Come up to the front in pairs, conduct your dialogue, stab Sadako with a sword and then collect a sticker seal. If she pops up, you get a candy (where permitted, some schools don't approve of sweets, so they get an extra sticker seal.)

I'd forgotten to bring stickers seals so I picked some up en route to school and managed to nab some really nice ones. I plan to keep the Oswald ones for myself.

So I found my collection of stickers seals which I'd found in a toy store on sale, 2 sheets for a buck! 

Other stickers seals I have hanging around are these Kumamon that a friend gave me and some Shinkansen ones I got from a Conbini.

I've had these for ages, the Shrek and Potter ones were giveaways I believe and I'm starting to run out of the Nightmare ones.

These MU stickers seals were rather expensive, so it'll have to be a special occasion for me to give them out. The Mike ones came with a box of candies.

I never did get around to pimping my car so I think I'll start with these Iron Man stickers seals that I won in a draw. 

I don't remember where I got these Powerpuff Girl stickers seals but they are so cool, I'm keeping them!

I'm certain I have more stickers seals around here some place, so I'll have to do a sequel to this post someday...

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