Boys Will Be Boys' Day.

To the rest of Japan, today is Children's Day (or Boys' Day for the more sexist followers) and it is spent going to a river and watching Carps fly.

Others watch their children beat Taiko Drums. (Photo and video courtesy of Michael Martin, Cameraman.)

What I do is watch reruns of Grimm and sort through the toys I picked up on Wednesday en route back from Yamagata.

A couple of pins.

I think I'll use BB8 as a ball to toss at kids when they are refusing to volunteer at speaking in class.

A couple of erasers. (41 variations in colours!)

Whew, these two Star Cars are not among the Star Cars I blogged about last year at this time.

Speaking of Cars, here is a vintage looking Black Widow in her Combat Medic van.

And Dr. Strange in his GMC Motorhome.

War Machine with his very own Hero Disc!

This wasn't bought at the warehouse, rather at a BookOff. I have an old Hulk issue done in the same fashion. I've never seen this one.

Next time I go swimming, I'll be able to remain afloat with these Superman Arm-rings.

Finally a coaster from some weird anime in which gals turn into battleships or something.

Happy Kids' Day from the oldest kid around!!

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