My First Atom!

Several weeks ago I bought part one of an assemble-your-own-Atom kit for a mere 830 yen (plus tax). Not a bad deal because it includes a DVD and a little case.

This is what the box cover looks like. Note it's by NTT/Docomo so it must be legit (unlike those deAgostino scams!)ag

There's a large (4 x A4) fold-out poster of the blueprint and assembly directions.

The magazine itself is not that enlightening. Mostly several articles about his birthday though it does have the following photo with a fully assembled model with Tezuka Osamu's son, 手塚 眞 Tezuka Makoto who is partially responsible for running his dad's production company.

Here is the first piece of Atomu that I received, his face plate!

On the positive side, I landed a DVD that includes his premiere episodes from the 1963,1980 and 2003 series.

Here's the face plate. It's actually kind of cute. I added the little black strips at the bottom of his eyes.

This little case will be good for organizing pins or nuts/bolts or meds.

A sneak preview of part 2. Oh cool, you get his heart.
Wait a sec...1843 yen before tax!! Doh, duped again!

I snapped this shot of part three of some of his guts from the bookstore.

Not really all that impressive.

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