Details, details.

Yesterday, I attended an event in Sagae, Yamagata called, "Itasha" (痛車, literally "painful car", the pain is to your wallet for the cost of the detailing!) whereupon I viewed innumerable cars decked out in anime designs. This following van was in the parking lot, not part of the main event. (Note the reflection of myself on the right is not part of the design).

Several of the interiors were embellished with stuffed toys, drawings, dolls and other stuff.

 Now on to the main event. Note, I'm not going to bother lumping cars or toons together. You'll just have to figure out which character is which on your own. Besides, apart from Girls und PanzerVocaloid's Miku Hatsune and a few others, I have no idea which character is which.
Without further ado, here are a ton of pics!

This car is owned by my friend's friend, Otaku Okuto. He has a twitter page you can check out if interested.

He's no longer lonely now that he has his Itasha friends.

These are rather cool. They are etched right into the pavement in the lot. There may have been more of them, yet they were covered by vehicles.

Personally, I find these dolls to be pretty creepy.

I think that's about 100 pics that I just uploaded. I'll continue this in a second part later.

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