To Live and Let Die!

Sad to report that Sir Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89. What follows are a bunch of Japanese poster images I've scammed from the net as well as a handful of ads that he did in Japan. Here he is in To Live and Let Die.

On a lark, is Sir Roger promoting Lark cigarettes.

A few posters For Your Eyes Only.

Toyota Corona, 1982 ad #1


Toyota Corona, 1982 ad #2


Toyota Corona, 1982 ad #3

Unfortunately, I can't find any more commercial clips, so here are the rest of his Bond movies.
(Note these are not in any particular order.)

A View to a Kill.

The Man with the Golden Gun.

The Spy Who Loved Me.

I may have one or two Bond movie pamphlets though I suspect I only have Connery ones. Sorry Sir Roger! Regardless, rest in peace!

UPDATE! One of my commenters has reminded me of the time Roger Moore joined the Muppets for a song and some mayhem. Check it out!


Eric said...

Then there's this television, one of the favorite things of his I'veever seen. http://dai.ly/x2oqjha

Michael Jones said...

You're right, that is all kinds of awesome. I'll embed it in the entry now...


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