Happy Mummy's Day!

I just came back from the Cinema and saw a flyer for Tom Cruise's new movie and it inspired me for today's blog title.

I've seen the previews and ザ マミー (The Mummy) looks pretty good. Check out the trailer and website here.

It's Mother's Day today for half of the world and on Friday at the mall, there was a huge flower sale.

For some reason amidst the flowers, there was a mother giraffe and her calf.

And I have no idea what this creepy fellow is supposed to be!

My mother loved flowers and when my father decided to move us from the manse to our house in Peel Village, her biggest regret was the loss of her hundreds of prize-winning rose bushes. Over the years, she added more and more garden to our yard, often digging up more lawn to do so. It's been five years now since she passed away, and though she was more of a rose person, I'm sure she would have planted this tulip as part of Canada's sesquicentennial celebration.

For several more posts about my mom, check out some of these.

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