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En route back from my Car event yesterday, we popped into a warehouse-style toy store and bought a bunch of stuff, including this for May the 4th Be with you Day. I found a Chess Set discounted from 5800 to 1280 yen.

It includes characters from both the Dark Side and the Light Side of the Force, appropriately using Storm Troopers and Clone Troopers for the pawns.

Here are the rest of the Dark Siders. As the King, rightly so is Darth Vader.

There aren't a lot of nasty Dark Side ladies, so rather than call Kylo Ren a Queen, let's refer to him as second in command.

As Knights, we have the father-son team of Jango and Boba Fett.

The Bishops are General Hux and Captain Phasma.

I love the choice of Rooks. Darth Maul and General Grievous.

The Light Siders are headed up by Luke Skywalker as King and his daughter(?) Rey as Queen (Princess?).

I suppose Luke's sister who is formally a Princess never graduated to the rank of Queen so Leia is relegated to the role of Bishop along with former Stormtrooper, Finn.

The Knights are well chosen with Han Solo and Chewbacca flanking everyone with their fancy "L move". 

Obviously, R2-D2 and BB8 are chosen as Rooks due to their tendency to move in a straight line.

Here is what the board looks like. I'm certain once a game is in progress, it will get very crowded in the center, especially if Chewbacca faces off against Grievous.

I haven't played in years and for decades prior to that when I was on our High School's chess team, though I was never a top-six player, I was ranked about 10th. I'll keep this set in my car and if anyone is ever up for a game, I'll gladly match my Force against yours!

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