To be Frank.

On this day in 1856, Frank L. Baum (oops: L. Frank Baum) was born and I've been buying up various Ozu books for the last 15 years or so. Last year, I showcased a gross of Ozu book covers and at the very end of that post is a little theatre programme of an independent musical version of  オズの魔法使い (Wizard of Oz, duh). I cannot easily discern what the date of the production is nor who any of the stars are. But what the heck, the pictures are colourful and a nice bit of Ozzie paraphernalia.

The Little Bug-Eyed Monster logo must be the Theatre troupe logo.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Baum! I wonder what I'll dig up for next year?


Eric said...

As always, another great tribute to the man—but you got his name wrong. It's L. Frank Baum, not Frank L. (For those wondering, the L stood for Lyman. No wonder he chose to go by his middle name!)

Michael Jones said...

Dang, I actually knew that but it slipped my mind. I suppose, my post title wouldn't have the same ring if I'd used, "To be L."


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