I'm all aGoG!

After weeks of avoiding the internet for spoilers about GoG-Remix, (I feel that "Guardians of the Galaxy, Remix" is a more inventive name for the sequel) it finally opens here tomorrow. I've checked around the cinemas and not a single one will be showing it in IMAX or 3D/4D in English so I'll have to survive with a mediocre 2D showing and maybe go see it in 4D later in Nihongo (so I can nab the free poster!) I don't know if Rocket, Baby Groot and I will get a chance to see it tomorrow though I will certainly partake of it sometime this weekend.

Here are some subtitled promos for the first movie!

I'll be wearing my new Captain America T-Shirt and Spidey boxers, I didn't care for the Guardians shirts they had on sale at GU

I was fortunate enough to pose with my Guardian co-stars, though I must admit, they look a tad stiff in this picture.

Apart from UFO Caught Rocket above and the five mini-figures mentioned way back in this post, there has been next to no GoG goods available as yet. If someone can figure out how to nab any of these items, I wouldn't turn them down.

In anticipation of its release, Marvel has added a few items onto the racks at the cinemas but it's mostly just stationery.

That didn't stop me from picking up a Clear File of course.

 Which came in this cool bag.

I'm glad to see that the Guardians are getting some extra work as promoters of Bathroom etiquette. These pics were taken from the mirrors at 109 Cinema.

I'm not sure when I'll go see it, but I will be in line tomorrow to pick up whatever actual goods they have to sell!

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