Last week I went to an Itasha show and uploaded several dozen photos from it (see link). Today, I'll add several more and throw in a few purty photos of scenery.

First though a little explanation about the creature on my shoulder. 

 It's a giant Japanese salamander called an oosanshouo (for actual photos of an actual oosanshouo, click that link), and once I learned of it, it became my all time favourite creature. Here's some more info on it's other name, the pepperfish. I adopted oosanshouo for my gmail account and have been wanting one for ages.  Happily, one day at the UFO Catcher, lo and behold... my prey awaits! 

According to the video, I didn't seem to have much luck but actually I won two for five bucks. (My attempts at a third cost me lots and lots more, but we won't speak of that.)

Cute little gaffers, aren't they?

I wandered around most of the day at the car show with one strapped to my back. It wasn't until I strapped it to my shoulder that anyone really noticed.
Now back to the show...

 Ahhh! More creepy dolls!

 Look out, there are llamas!

I took a break and popped into a pavilion which just happened to feature relics from Turkey. I bought a mediocre Mango Ice Cream.

Boy, that guy should wear a hat or he might just get a sunburn on his noggin.*

*Spoiler alert: He did get a sunburn.

That's about it for the decorated vehicles. Because I didn't opt to pay 1000 yen so that I could take photos of the Cosplayers in attendance, there wasn't much else at the fest to keep me interested. It was still a lovely day, so we went on a walkabout around the grounds.

My friend had abandoned me to wander the river on my own. Fortunately, I befriended a couple of young ladies to snap a pic of me.

It will probably be a few years before I desire to revisit an Itasha show. It was fun but just oozing in car-nerds!

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