Captain Jack looking for some booty.

Let me explain MY costume. I have this puffy shirt that I bought about 15 years ago when a Tuxedo shop was going out of business and surprisingly, it still fits. Pantaloons are hard to come by these days, but my ex-boss once gave me this incredibly tacky outfit (worn primarily by the Yakuza wannabees of Japan) and one year, I dressed up as a "Bozosoku" or motorcycle thug. The red pants were perfect for buckaneering. The eyepatch has even more of a history. 25 years ago, before I was even out of high school, I directed a Christmas pageant with our church choir bellowing out Handel's Messiah and various parishioners portraying the characters from the Nativity scene. Joseph was played by none other than DJ Mokugohan's father and my mom was one of the Three Wise men. In true Hitchcockian fashion, I decided to make a cameo as a Shepherd paying his respects to the Christ child. I limped my way to the cradle wearing a lumberjack-jacket and that eyepatch. Upon seeing me, Joseph burst into laughter and to this day, all I have to do is cover one eye with my hand and Alex's dad will begin to giggle.

So with these three items in my repetoire, plus Caribbean Pirates being all the rage, an idea was formed. I went to a used computer shop and for about 400 yen, I created the outfit of a computer-pirate. I made a necklace and earring out of keyboard keys (*HACKER for the necklace and Alt/Ctrl/Del for the earring), made a belt out of an extension cord, strapped some other cords around my knees and made a cutlass out of another pc part. Oh yeah, I also wrapped a mouse + cord around my hand as a "hook". Put the eyepatch over a rather nerdy pair of glasses and Captain StarHacker was born. Everyone figured out I was a pirate, but only a few realised I was that sort of pirate.

Of course, a Halloween does not go by without Alex being a bit of a Devil and regaling me with a fat joke So this year, Captain Jack Sparrow became Captain Jack Spare-tire!

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