It's Halloweek!

I'm sorry to my loyal blogophiles if my postings have been somewhat sporadic of late, but I've been busy and sick. Busy preparing for Tomorrow's Echoween party at the farm and recently a brand new headcold.

Everyday at school, I've been giving my infamous Halloween lesson (so far 8/10 lessons) to all my students. Actually, this takes no preparation whatsoever. I just put on a different mask and have the students guess who I am dressed up as. I also have a dozen different UFO caught characters in different costumes..."Pink Panther dressed as Spiderman/ Batman/ Ultraman/ Kamen Rider; Tweety dressed as a witch or a cowboy"...you get the idea. I then have a print with several classic costumed characters and a word search and Voila, instant lesson. I also insist that they all vocate "Trick or Treat" and give each student a candy (or, at random, a cockroach-eliciting a squeal). (Of course with over 350 students at 10¥ a pop it gets pretty expensive.) Japan doesn't really get Halloween, outside of eating candy and any chance for them to have fun is out of the ordinary during school hours. I hope to show "Corpse Bride" after school next Tueday to finish off the season.

For your enjoyment, here are some of my past costumes from previous Echoweens, etc. I have some more to be scanned into my computer, but these are the few I have available.
A caveman from about 5 years ago, posing with a Swan. Easy to make, I just went to some used clothing stores and bought various exotic-animal spotted throw-rugs etc. and I had these huge bear-toed slippers. Caveman = 穴居人or kekkyo-jin.

Meet the Beetles! I wore a Beetle-headdress, and dangled 3 other beetles over my person and attached little "Beatles" wigs to each of them representing of course: Paul, George, John and Ringo. I even had a little cockroach to represent Yoko Ono. I loved this costume, but very few people figured it out (I even had the initials of the Fab Four written on the bugs!) Beetle = 甲虫・カブトムシ or kabuto-mushi and cockroach = ゴキブリ or gokiburi.

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