Japlish, Jenglish...whatever.

One cannot turn around without seeing some bastardization of my mother tongue by those who mean well but just don't quite get it. For example, this morning I noticed that all of our office workers have these snazzy new blue jackets with the words "Headquarters Secretariat" emblazoned on the back. I know their intentions are good and it adds to a team spirit amongst the dedicated men and women in the nexus of our school (besides they are the ones who draw up my paycheque-don't bite the hand that feeds you and all that.)
Perhaps they are alluding to the speed at which they do their duties or the fast pace at which they work, but I just can't help but think of a certain prize winning horse from 1973...

Another example would be the occasional sign you see posted around the city. Here's one such poster. (Of course, Dog Sauce has an entirely different meaning in Korea.)

Start sending me your examples and I'll try and dig up several more myself.

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