I'm going gaga over Duck Lake!

My little sister is considering moving from her little town of Nelson, BC to the littler town of Creston, BC. She has some relatively annoying problems in Nelson (annoying relatives) and wants to take advantage of the cheaper real estate. She always was a countryside kind of gal, so good for her.

Here's the scoop on Creston from their homepage:
"Nestled in the Creston Valley, between the Selkirk and the Purcell Mountains, the attractive town of Creston presides over a broad and fertile river valley, where the Kootenay River comes home to Kootenay Lake. Also known as The Valley of the Swans, the Creston Valley is a breathtaking combination of snow-capped mountain peaks, waving fields of grain, deep clear lakes, quiet mountain streams and wide-open spaces."

"gaa-gaa/ ガぁガぁ" is the Japanese equivalent of "quack-quack." This is a picture of Duck Lake, I guess you can figure out why.

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