Triskedekophobes beware.

If you have a fear of the #13, don't read this post! It's a review of our previous Echophonyk party (held on Friday the 13th, don't you know) and unfortunately it won't be glowing. Those who showed up had a great time; the music was rocking and the dance floor was hopping but the amount of guests was less than overflowing (about 30, perhaps our most impoverished turnout to date.) But,I snapped some good pics and here they are.

The next big gig will be Halloween at the FARM and I'll give you details soon.


Stefonics1 said...


missing those echophonyk nights!

stef (aka dj stef, dr. love, dj mdma, stefonics etc. etc.)

Michael Jones said...

We miss you too, Dr. Love! Let us know about Halloween in Vancouver next week!


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