Hooray for Hollywood!

Let's go see a movie! (映画 = eiga = movie) Houga (邦画)are Japanese movies and youga (洋画)are western movies.

Some youga titles are literally translated like "イデンの東 Eden no higashi (East of Eden)" and "逃亡者 Toubousha (The Fugitive)". Some use English words as they are, though the pronunciation is slightly changed to the Japanese pronunciation. "ロッキイ Rokkii (Rocky)", "ファーゴ Faago (Fargo)", and "タイタニック Taitanikku (Titanic)" are just a few examples.

Here are some examples of Hollywood titles turned Japanese. They all include the Japanese word for love (愛=ai)...(Even if the movie isn't a romance.)

愛が壊れるとき Ai ga kowareru toki (When love is broken) Sleeping with the Enemy
愛に迷ったとき Ai ni mayotta toki (When lost in love) Something to Talk About
愛の選択 Ai no sentaku (The choice of love) Dying Young
愛という名の疑惑 Ai to iu na no giwaku (The suspicion named love) Final Analysis
愛と悲しみの果て Ai to kanashimi no hate (The end of love and sorrow) Out of Africa
愛と青春の旅立ち Ai to seishun no tabidachi (The departure of love and youth) An Officer and A Gentleman
愛と死の間で Ai to shi no aida de (In between love and death) Dead Again
愛は静けさの中に Ai wa shizukesa no naka ni (Love is in the silence) Children of a Lesser God
永遠の愛に生きて Eien no ai ni ikite (Living in the lasting love) Shadow Lands
恋に落ちたら Koi ni ochitara (When falling in love) Mad Dog and Glory
恋の行方 Koi no yukue (The place love has gone) The Fabulous Baker Boys
恋愛小説家 Renai shousetsuka (A romance novel writer) As Good As It Gets

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