Twiggy, Twiggy.

Finally, a non-Puffy music post. Pizzicato Five was first recommended to me by DJ Mokugohan and I can see why their combination of fusion, Jazz, Bossa Nova, funk, etc. started off the Shibuya-Kei (渋谷系) movement of the 90's. They've been featured in Goldmember, Charlie's Angels , Brain Candy and even Paulie Shore's Jury Duty...what a claim to fame! Too bad they broke up in 2002, just think of where they'd show up next.

I first saw Twiggy on the Laugh-in show in the late 60's and she was probably the one who kicked off the anorexic supermodel look. I last saw her in the Blues Brothers, so I could be connected to the P5 via my starring* role in Blues Brothers 2000. Enjoy...

*starring = one of 500 extras in the Monster Truck scene.

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