I have a sore throat...

I'm feeling a little hoarse.

Speaking of little horses, Thumbelina is the world's smallest horse. She weighs 60lb and is five years old. She was born on a ranch that specializes in breeding miniature horses. She is thought to have dwarfism, which makes her even tinier.

It appears to be the size of its prehistoric ancestor, the eohippus.

One of my favourite movies as a kid was Valley of the Gwangi which had Ray Harryhausen animating an eohippus and a triceratops and a bull elephant battling an allosaurus and cheesy dialogue and an old gypsy Mexican lady, etc, etc. It's actually a pretty crappy movie but the stop-motion f/x rival Jurassic Park.

ps. Heads up to you Mr. Keene...this puns for you!

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David said...

I'm with you. As a child I loved any dinosaur vs. man movie, but I had a special heart-place for Valley.


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