Happy Birthday to Leah!

Leah is my little sister who lives out in BC with her #3 spouse and occasionally her son. I won't expose her age, but she's 4 years my junior but she still is as spry as a school kid.

I got her annual Michaelmas greeting today and with it she added some photos that I'll share with you. She lives in this hippy-inhabited, nature-loving new-age city called Nelson, BC and is now in the process of selling their house. Yogi and his family paid a visit and were treed by their canines, destroying some of their fruit crop in the passing.

Last summer, she attended a series of lectures to learn choir conducting or something like that at the University of British Columbia (my dad's Alma Mater). She enjoyed her time there and went to the UBC botanical garden and Nitobe memorial gardens. Here is a picture of the Japanese garden there.

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