Dino at the Zoo.

Catching up on some holiday posts, here are some pictures of the animatronic dinosaurs at the Toronto Zoo.

Dilophosaurus (two-crested lizard), the frilled spitter in Jurassic Park is based on this guy, though there is no evidence of either a frill or poisonous saliva.
Good old reliable Stegosaurus (covered lizard).
Tyrannosaurus (tyrant king lizard) looms over me.
Baryonyx (heavy claw), menacing and a great Scrabble word.
I still haven't mastered my camera, see how Rex has red eyes?

I'd love to teach all about dinosaurs to my students, but I have a hard enough time instructing them on "How are you?" "I'm fine", let alone terms like "Metriacanthosaurus." I did find intriguing the several dinosaurs named after Oil-drilling sites and recent digs in China, such as Mamenchisaurus or Yangchuonosaurus.

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