Picture perfect.

I went downtown to meet a blog replier for whom I had a few spare pandas to give. I had an hour to kill, so while downtown I snapped a few intriguing pictures.

First up is a recruitment poster for the Japanese Ministry of Defense and they even have a site in English. A nice enough looking poster but it was posted beside the Station's McDonalds...just who are they hoping to recruit? Chubby kids with high cholesterol?

There was an extremely long line-up for the モーニング娘 (Morning Musume) concert at Zepp Sendai. I had always thought that the target audience for this J-pop tripe would be young tweenie girls. Much to my surprise, it was full of old Otaku guys who looked far geekier than I. Somewhat disturbing.

But not as disturbing as this...

Killing more time, I wandered through a UFO Catcher Game Center and though there was some cool stuff, I opted not to waste my money. But there were some pretty cool items.

Such as this Freddy vs Jason set of Rockem Sockem Robot-clones.

Or Jason all by himself.

This Gundam knight was pretty awesome, but each were 200¥ a pop and I must really desire something and be pretty sure of succeeding before I risk 200¥.

But these nifty little characters were irresistable. How could you not like cute copies of the creepy kids from Grudge 2? And they were only 100¥ a try.

So I got 3 of this eerie lass while trying for...

This little boy who's still in a diaper. How adorable is that?

I'm sure when I watched this movie on late-night TV, this cat freaked me out. Not quite so scary now!

Watch these two and tell me which you find spookier. My vote is for the Japanese one. I love Buffy, but she's not so convincing as the victim here.

I popped into the E-Beans bookstore and bought a lovely Manga binder for under 300¥

and a Dean Martin cd.

I also came across a mini-Art Gallery featuring Alphonse Mucha and another artist. There was absolutely NO ONE around manning the joint and though the paintings were probably alarmed, there was nothing stopping me from grabbing a bunch of carry-able goodies (except for my own streak of honesty.)

I also wandered through the Tsutaya hoping to find the 2 episodes of LOST that I'd missed, but so far, only Season 1&2 are for rent. So I picked up a Setzer cd for a buck! It's amazing what you can accomplish in an hour.

Then I met Nicole...


NORI said...

I think that is a very scary work when seeing from the Japanese.
Do you think it is scary even if it sees from the foreigner?

Michael Jones said...

Sometimes. I found Japanese "Ring" and "Juon" scarier than the American versions, but the American "Ring" was pretty good too.
Some Japanese Horror is NOT scary at all. One problem, is that I don't speak Japanese, so I only have my eyes, not my ears to scare me. (For example, I didn't find Japanese or American "Dark Water" (仄暗い水の底から) scary. Water is not scary to me!..."Morning Musume" is much scarier!!


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