Obsessives Anonymous Meeting

I met up with Nicole and it was nice to meet someone as obsessed as I am with collecting crap. I gave her several Pandas that she didn't already own and she gave me a few.

We wandered through LOFT looking for Super Hero Stickers, to no avail. But a display on the Second floor caught my eye. A very cool & cute rendition of Heidi.

This is a heads up to DJ Mokugohan, whose wife I know is a big fan. Check it out!

After dinner at Ha'penny Bridge (mmm Kilkenny & Shephard's Pie), we parted ways vowing to meet soon and compare obsessions. She's a lovely new JET from North Carolina (just north of South Carolina for the geographically impaired) who promises to mention our events among her colleagues (I'm always promoting!) and will come herself once her husband arrives next month.

BTW, she's looking for a cheap bicycle. Anyone know any used shops to buy one cheap? Furthermore, anyone know of any good Restaurants for Vegetarians to dine at? And most importantly, does anyone have any extra pandas? She needs about 15/48 to complete her set.


Nicole said...

Thanks again for showing me around a bit and helping me on what has become my quest to get all 48 tea pandas. Thanks to your help I am now only 11 away from the whole set. I'm missing:

Miyagi(4), Yamagata(6), Ibaraki(8), Gunma(10), Chiba(12), Kanagawa(14), Toyama(16), Nagano(20), Shizuoka(22), Tokushima(36), and Kagawa(37)

Have a great weekend- we'll have to go back to Ha'penny sometime for sure, it was really good!

Happy collecting.. ^^

Michael Jones said...

My pleasure. Good luck on your quest.


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