Jumping Jiminy!

I was casually sitting in my living room watching CSI-NY when I look over and see a honking big grasshopper (飛蝗/ばった = botta) crawling on my 障子 (fusuma = light wooden frames with thick opaque paper on both sides, the type Homer would walk through when they visited Japan.)
After several minutes, I managed to capture him/her and release it outside unharmed. Gil Grissom would be proud.

After Friday's Echo-extravaganza and my 6:00am return home, I pretty much vegged all day. This means that I missed the annual Internation Food Fair held at Tohoku University. DJ Mixture, who was a chef in a former life, served up a steaming pot of British Beef Stew. His assistant was the adorable Ayako. (Speaking of Echophonyk, past DJ and current Tokyo spinner, DJ Mark Saito has a new podcast for you to download...Spread the Word, WORD!)

Thanks to my trip home, I'm behind on two episodes of Lost, so I plan to catch them on DVD once I can drag my butt down to the video store. So while I'm taping tonight's episode, I have on the IAAF World Championships held in Osaka. I just watched an enthusiastic young lady on the Pole Vault succeed and then lose when they moved the bar up a notch. (Bad joke time: Man walks up to a guy holding a long pole at the games, "Are you a Pole Vaulter?" "No, I'm Swedish, but how did you know my name is Walter?") Speaking of which, a Polish guy just won the hurdles!

Oh, Lost is now over, so I can turn this crap off and watch something else!

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